The Best Accredited Online school and Colleges of 2020

Online school is the most talked about educational institution of the time! According to researchers, the journey of online education began in 1989 with the first University of Phoenix. At present, this education has become an industry of about 34 billion. The Khan Academy, founded in 2006 by Salman Khan, took the medium of online education to a whole new level. One by one, Udemi, Ted, Adesk, Coursera etc. are added. In this continuity, 10 minute school was established in usa in 2015. Then there are a number of other online schools that attract young students online. Find the best online schools in the country.
Online school journey in the country usa With the availability of internet, the interest of young people towards online schools is increasing. Students are now online to find solutions to any textbook problem. In addition, university website search has become a very popular topic for students around the world. Students search for different programs in different online schools and universities around the world. On YouTube, website or Facebook, young people are bridging the gap between cities and villages by sharing the knowledge they have acquired at home.
Online schools are now of interest to children, young and old alike. Classes ranging from regular school-college syllabi to English language, science, business, art, technology and even programming classes are being included in the list of education in online schools. Online education is a bit different from the traditional education system.
Here you can learn as much as you want, in less time as you like. The journey of online school in Bangladesh started through 10 minutes school. Then one by one several more online learning schools were formed. Mobile service providers have also set up online schools.
minute school in May 2015. Faisal built this school in line with our education system by looking at foreign online learning schools. The organization provides education through Facebook and YouTube. Regular academic classes are taken – on Mathematics, Science, History, English and Literature. As well as live broadcast live classes are taken. In this class students can ask questions if they want.
Apart from this, there are live classes with JSC, SSC, HSC, admission test, skill development, model test, video library. Free online classes on all subjects of JSC, SSC, HSC can also be done here. Robi, one of the mobile operators of the country, has joined 10 Minute School. The platform has been organizing live classes since June 2017 using Facebook’s live feature. An average of five thousand students participated in each of the Facebook-based live classes.
After each class about a thousand questions come from the students to make their idea about the subject more clear. Dedicated 10 minute school instructors answer those questions. Ayman Sadiq, the founder of 10 Minutes School, is a dream school;
The live class will be shown in 22,000 digital classrooms in Bangladesh. If you want to go to that school, you don’t need money, you just need an internet connection. Soon his dream will come true; I can only expect that.
More than one lakh customers are availing more than 150 courses ranging from English education to graphics, programming, software development, freelancing, business and entrepreneurship. This online school run by 541 experienced teachers has to pay around three thousand rupees for premium membership. Apart from this, it is possible to do various certification courses for free from five thousand rupees. This website will be great for those who want to do freelancing. If you have skills in various subjects, you can also teach here.
Ishtiaq Siam, founder and CEO of REPTO, said REPTO aims to reduce unemployment in Bangladesh. Those involved believe that what young people learn from a variety of courses will increase their efficiency, and will easily create self-employment. If you want to do a course at Repto Education Center,
Not only IT subjects, any subject can be taught at If you want, you can also take classes in this institution in the light of your knowledge and experience.
State courses including photography, cooking, music, guitar, swing, fashion design can be done here. Apart from this, you can also learn handicrafts, floriculture, garment making, cottage industries, automobile engineering, laptop servicing or car repair in Ishikhen.
In addition to live courses, video courses can be done here. The duration of the course is three to five months. You can take live classes for the remaining six days of the week except Friday at 10 am, 3 pm, 5 pm, 8 pm and 10 pm. Each class is taken for 1 hour and 30 minutes. You can take a class or take a class at ishikhan
Classes can be done in StudyPress to prepare for government, private or BCS exams. Although not a direct class, this site discusses last year’s questions of Bank and BCS exams, 17,000 MCQ questions by subject and chapter and they are discussed in detail. There is also a mistake list for users. Through which users will find test errors in the form of a list. It is possible to overcome weaknesses in certain mistakes by re-testing them. Other features of the site include review list, hot tips, easy math technique, comparative analysis of results. Apart from this, various events including current affairs. StudyPress was formed by a few former students of Dhaka University and IBA. Helal Mohammad, the main entrepreneur, said, “We have launched this study press with the aim of preparing for the job at any time without wasting time under any circumstances.” Take the collaboration of this site.
E-School is working to make IT education easier for all students in the country under the slogan ‘Learn with Fun’.
At present, e-school activities are going on with the subject of ‘Information and Communication Technology’ at the higher secondary level. Regarding its purpose, entrepreneur Yasin Tanvir said that e-school is actually an online school or internet-based educational activity. The purpose is to provide easy access to the Internet. The initiative of this e-school has been taken to make education easy for all students of the country. E-School will provide students with the necessary education as well as inspire them to become entrepreneurs by creating easy-to-understand tutorials, graphics and animations. Necessary things can be learned from various tutorials on the site’s website. Apart from this, students will also be able to learn various subjects through the e-School’s Android application. The institute has plans to work on information technology subjects as well as primary to undergraduate subjects.

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